My Favorite Memories

from UCSB

1. Getting Accepted

I can still remember being accepted to UCSB like it happened yesterday. It was my first college acceptance, and I was so excited! I didn't know at the time that I would later end up committing to come here, but I'm so happy I did!


2. Boating in Santa Barbara

During my freshman year, my RA Tim took our entire floor on a fun sailing day in Santa Barbara. Afterward we all got McConnell's ice cream. It was fun!


3. Rushing Delta Gamma

My decision to rush sophomore year was one that drastically changed the rest of my experience in college. Because of joining my sorority, I have made so many amazing friends and have had experiences I never would have had otherwise.

dg friends

4. Mission Trip

I spent my spring break sophomore year serving the poor in Mexico City with a group of students from around the country. It was one of the most life-changing experiences. I ment such kind people and realized how incredibly invaluable service for others can be.

mission trip

5. Studying Abroad

Living and studying in Florence, Italy was the best thing I did during my four years in college. I was exposed to an entirely different way of living, not to mention I got to eat tons of delicious food. The friends and memories I made in Florence have stayed with me since I left, and I can't wait until the day I return.


6. Working at Graphiq

My internship at Graphiq has been so much fun. Not only have I gotten to learn about editorial processes, but I've also created relationships with supportive people who genuinely care about my career path. And the view isn't half bad either!

graphiq view

7. Exploring Downtown

Santa Barbara is such a beautiful place, and I feel so fortunate to have been able to explore all that it has to offer. I love going downtown to window shop, see a movie with friends and find new places to visit.


8. Freebirds!

Self explanatory.


9. Late Night Studying

While they didn't seem so fun at the time, those late nights of studying for exams were actually emories in the making. They are reminders of the hard work I've done to be at UCSB, and I'll look back on those nights with that in mind.


10. Living on Del Playa

Living with an ocean view has been an incredible experience and a fantastic way to end my college years. It will be sad to part with my house on the cliff, but I will always cherish the peaceful mornings and evening sunsets enjoyed from my balcony.

ocean del playa

It's hard to believe my college years are coming to a close. I know I made the right choice in coming to UCSB because of all these wonderful memories I have made. While it can be scary stepping into the unknown, I'm excited to see what the next chapter holds!